Session series A1, B1 and C1 run simultaneously.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 13:00 – 15:00 h

Climate change impacts on water resources and aquatic ecosystems (A1)

Lucas Menzel, Univ. Heidelberg (Germany):
Impacts of climate variability and climate change on water resources: what do we know about recent and future changes?

Jacob Schewe, PIK Potsdam (Germany):
Climate change impacts on global water resources: model projections, progress and challenges

Volker Wulfmeyer, Univ. Hohenheim (Germany)

Feedback processes in the land system: current understanding, challenges, and the expected impact of climate change

Beatrix Beisner, Univ. Québec à Montréal (Canada):
Lake food webs in a changing climate: complexifying our expectations?

Urban water and infrastructures under climate change (B1)

Steffen Bender, GERICS Hamburg (Germany):
Urban development: really smart means climate resilient

Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, DTU Lyngby (Denmark):
Engineering water for the future – why and how?

Tobias Martin, TZW Karlsruhe/Dresden (Germany):
Water 4.0: prognosis tools and sensor techniques for critical infrastructures

Peter Rutschmann, TU München (Germany)

Adaptation of hydropower to future challenges

Cross-disciplinary and sectoral adaptation and mitigation options (C1)

Karen Villholth, IWMI Pretoria (South Africa):
Groundwater as the 21st century research challenge – for climate change adaptation and sustainable management

Stefan Siebert, Univ. Bonn (Germany):
Adaptation and mitigation options by sustainable fresh water use

Joris de Vente, CEBAS (Spain):

title still open

Insa Theesfeld, Univ. Halle-Wittenberg (Germany)

Climate change impacts on the agricultural water sector: the need for governance adaptation in the land-water-food nexus


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Session series A2, B2 and C2 run simultaneously.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 11:00 – 13:00 h

Climate change impacts on hydrological extremes (A2)

Lukas Gudmundsson, ETH Zurich (Switzerland):
Climate change, water cycle and extremes events on land: droughts, heavy precipitation, heat waves

Bruno Merz, GFZ Potsdam (Germany):
Climate change and flood risk

Marco Borga, Univ. Padua (Italy):
Changes in flood and flash flood regimes: a signal of climate change

Veit Blauhut, Univ. Freiburg (Germany):
Assessing drought risk across scales – current achievements and future challenges

Methods and tools for foresight and impact assessment (B2)

Hannah Jörg, DLR Cologne (Germany):
New insights on 3D radar remote sensing in the context of agricultural soil and plant water dynamics: actual status, future potential and challenges

Stefan Kollet, FZ Jülich (Germany):
Assessing the impact of human water use on the terrestrial water and energy cycle in groundwater-to-atmosphere simulations over the European continent

Jochen Schanze, IOER/TU Dresden (Germany):
Foresight methods for dealing with regional climate change impacts on water – a neglected field

Jeffrey Cegan, USACE (USA):
Risk and resilience in water infrastructure

Climate change water governance (C2)

Art Dewulf, Univ. Wageningen (The Netherlands)

Water governance in times of climate change: making decisions about uncertain and ambiguous issues

Gerard Hutter, IOER Dresden (Germany):

Collaborative water governance – reflecting on experiences and limitations in the Dresden region in the context of climate change adaptation

Antje Stokman, HCU Hamburg (Germany):
Design for flood vs. drought: landscape strategies for tackling urban water challenges

Reimund Schwarze, UFZ Leipzig (Germany):
Urban climate infrastructure finance under the Paris Agreement


Subject to change!