Special Events

Monday, 18 September 2017, 6 pm / 18:00 h

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), Chilehaus/entrance C, Fischerwiete 1, 20095 Hamburg

5th general meeting of the Water Science Alliance e.V.

incl. the inauguration of the Water Research Perspectives Commission

Monday, 18 September 2017, 8 pm / 20:00 h

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), Chilehaus/entrance C, Fischerwiete 1, 20095 Hamburg

Get together for speaker, guests and members

along with a guided tour through the Chile house as well as the Hafen City

Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 5.45 pm / 17:45 h

Venue/Wälderhaus, Am Inselpark 19, 21109 Hamburg

Ritter foundations’ award ceremony of Deutsches Stiftungszentrum

Ritter foundations' award ceremony of Deutsches Stiftungszentrum

17:45 Welcome to the ceremony – Peter Krebs, TU Dresden

17:50 Laudation for the awardee 2017 – Insa Neuweiler, Univ. Hannover / presentation of awardee certificate

18:05 Acceptance speech and short presentation of the awardee 2017 resp. – Florian Wagner, Univ. Bonn

18:20 Closing words – Peter Krebs, TU Dresden

afterwards conference reception

Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 6.30 pm / 18:30 h

Venue/Wälderhaus, Am Inselpark 19, 21109 Hamburg

Conference reception

along with a guided tour through the urban district of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

One of the big German metropolises, Hamburg gets lots of its charm from the combination of old and new, connecting maritime and trade traditions with new uses. One very fine example of this is the Chilehaus, commissioned by the businessman Henry B. Sloman, and built 1922–1924 (architect: Fritz Höger). The building’s shape resembles a ship’s bow – thus bringing together land and sea, as well as referring to the trading that has always been an important part of the city’s life in general, and that of its owner Sloman, who named it after Chile, the country he had long and close trading connections with. Today, a whole number of institutions, companies and even a handful of private apartments share the huge building.

Our partner, the GERICS, has its offices in the Chilehaus and offers us the Spitze (the point/tip), a pointed room (hence the name) for our annual members' meeting in the afternoon of 18 September 2017. Come and join us for the reception afterwards and take in some of the old-new flair.

It is undoubtedly the water that shaped Hamburg and still does so. The big river and its close proximity to the sea made it the ideal trading point, and together with numerous changes and additions to the waterways over the times mark the city's face. The water is not always and only positive, though: It was in 1962 when an enormous storm flood hit all of Hamburg, but most of all Wilhelmsburg, leaving not only destruction of buildings and nature, but also several hundred dead. Our conference venue, the Wälderhaus (“forest house”) was built by the German Forest Conservation Association (Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald) and brings in the conservationist aspect, yet another big issue when speaking about water and climate. We are most delighted to be a guest at the Wälderhaus – expect a great conference with interesting topics in a great setting.

Tuesday evening brings the conference dinner. The restaurant Wilhelms downstairs at the Wälderhaus will offer seasonal cuisine with a nod to regional traditions, so be sure not to miss this opportunity for networking within a friendly atmosphere.